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"Dragon Mania Legends is for anyone that wants their very own pet dragon, which is obviously everyone…" – Gamezebo

- Dragons have never looked this good! Eye-popping visuals make the diverse islands and inhabitants of Dragolandia come to life.
- Your pets appreciate attention; feed them, cuddle them and care for them to receive extra gold and special bonuses.
- Create the island of your dreams and customise your city with dozens of buildings and fun decorations.
- Never run out of cute, scaly friends with more than 350 unique species you can breed and add to your dragon collection.

- Take your dragons on a journey across the land! Reach higher and higher leagues as your collection and skills improve with each new battle!
- Seasonal events, new content and special quests are added with each update, so you never run out of fun things to do.
- Show 'em who's boss! Raise your pets and take on your opponents in the Arena to become the best dragon trainer and collect awesome prizes!

- The Vikings just can't give it a rest, and they smell bad too… Teach them a lesson in exciting 3-on-3 battles!
- Take your dragons to the Academy to improve their skills and teach them special attacks.
- Train your pets to fight and raise them to become legendary warriors.
- Use the power of Dragon Fury to defeat your opponents.

- Make friends, visit their islands and exchange gifts.
- Be the Clan with a Plan! Use the Clan Chat to devise the best strategy, or just discuss what you've been up to…


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Blanca Chairez review Blanca Chairez
Fix The Code
You are only able to put in one code but yet it tells you to share your code and that is not anywhere close to possible. Please fix and I will change my review rating. Thank You.
Amber Adams review Amber Adams
Great download. Now we have ads popping up all the time. It is so slow because of this download you can barely play the game. And the ad that turns your screen turned my game permanently. Now I can't play. Thanks guys for the ads.
Tony Cox review Tony Cox
Freez up lost battle
After all new updates this game has become the worst game I have ever played lose men in battle to freez up's and all kinds of bad stuff ,if everybody stoped playing this game u would fix these issues, u need to make up for these loses and most of all stop the updates and fix the problem that everyone is having with game for u loss everybody, this is not good when people buy things and loose them to your poor management of the game not working properly,please fix game everybody is sick of it already
Nicholas Sumpter review Nicholas Sumpter
Dragons wont show
This game is awesome but for the last few days my dragons are all shadows with question marks. I cant even hatch the eggs because of this. Please fix
afsana valli review afsana valli
The game is gr8, but u guys cheat. The breeding combos are a serious challange! Very frustrating. A person has to breed for ever before u get the dragon u want. Other peoples combos dont work with u! How is that possible! As for dragon of the week or month that is a major diaster for me! Nothing seems to work. U guys need to seriously consider the breeding processes. There cannot be so many combos for one dragon. As for levelling up that is worse! So much of food is needed. But anyway it is a gr8 game. Pls look at the breeding combos to be easier especially with the dragons we need for the week or month. Thanks for the game though
Rosemary Wintle review Rosemary Wintle
Loss of internet means loss of a lofe
A brilliant game but if you loose internet connection (which frequent happens to me) while in battle, you loss the chance to continue the battle. It also takes ages to load the game at the start and after loosing connection . Very frustrating.
Jenna Linton review Jenna Linton
Its a great game
It's a great game becus I've had it before and I almost had every Dragon and thanks for updating it.
Colleen Barczak review Colleen Barczak
Thank u!
Thank u for fixing the loading problem so fast! I do love this game!! And one small suggestion, could u make it that the breeding times could be less or even make it so we can huy another breeding den?
jaydeep solanki review jaydeep solanki
Must read
If you uninstall game then reinstalled.. don't login direct in your goole acc.. there is a chance that game connects you Google acc. to new game and your progress will be lost...
Amy Bryant review Amy Bryant
Very upset
This is a great game. Why the one star? Because every 5 minutes a stupid ad for beanboozled pops up. It interrupts game play and frustrates me to no end. I hate to do it but I am going to delete this game until this is fixed. QUIT WITH THE ADS.
Candace Goularte review Candace Goularte
I had no progress saved on it until I realized something...I loved on with Facebook!!! So I did that and....IT WORKED!!! My progress is saved!!! I almost started crying I was so happy!!! ALMOST started crying. Yay!
Jen R review Jen R
New update is horrendous
After I finish downloading the new update the game won't start up, I lo e this game but if it's not working I can't play. Please fix it. I want my Dragons back. When this is fixed, I'll give new rating.
Ismail Ali review Ismail Ali
It was good
I was playing on a Windows phone for 163 days n then i changed to Android and lost all my data rip all my legends that i bought
Christine Marie Hedley review Christine Marie Hedley
Dragon mania legends
Love it, very addictive and can spend hours on the game the only downfall is the advert keeps popping up please could you sort this thanx
Leona Sample review Leona Sample
So far so good
Like game so far but just started-will see if it screws up like ice age village..well looks lice ice age all over.....since this newest update I have not been able to get on the game all day today.....verrrrry saaaaaddddd. OK new update....stars are going to go down to one star soon just had a update yesterday and now I keep getting a popups/adversments..so annoying.