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FaceQ(MYOTee) is a very fun and powerful avatar maker.
Even if you donnot know how to draw, you can still easily create your own cartoon avatar by combining various face parts.

FaceQ APK reviews

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Amanda Zappa review Amanda Zappa
I think it could be a fun way to waste time but it keeps going back to the main menu. Its done it three times since i got it 5min ago. Very annoying.
Jaielle Wilkerson review Jaielle Wilkerson
I love it it's cool to see how my freinda would look and I also love making classmates hate/love each other.
Alayla Stout review Alayla Stout
Great game actually.
Was good. Did not think it looked fun at first but is fun. It would be cool if they could move though. And its a little inappropriate
Anya Elise review Anya Elise
I've seen things similar to this, but the style and easy controls sold me on it. There are a few issues with it, such as it freezing and crashing, and it would be nice to be able to edit all your characters and not just your most recent one, but all in all, it's a fantastic app for anyone to use. (Well, not EVERYONE because of it's occasional swearing and, well, boobs, and other things.)
Grayson Goss review Grayson Goss
Would love to play it. However, to discredit the people saying "it only sucks if you have a sucky phone," I a Samsung Galaxy s5. There is a bug in the app that restarts the application back to its main menu no matter what button I press. I urge the devs to please fix this!
Samantha Villanueva review Samantha Villanueva
I like it
I really like this game! i just think they should add more hair styles and cloths and take out the middle finger and the f word overall i like it ?
MissAlex G review MissAlex G
This APP..
Is amazing idk what I'd do with out it xD gave it a 4 bc some ppl It might glitch or lag but I know the owner can fix it!!! ????☺??????
Amyderp Nelson review Amyderp Nelson
It's fun
It's so fun and it's handy to use for social network and contact photos especially if you hate photos of yourself so it's entertainment and functional. Recommend for anyone and get right now if you are super arty. It's an artists essential. PS I totally agree jamell casey
Jadia Hale review Jadia Hale
Better than I thought it was
It's really good the only thing is that they need to have more eyes well big dramatic eyes and more signs most of them in Chinese or Japanese
Skylar Bradley review Skylar Bradley
5 star
I give this a five star.. And for those who says it doesn't work. It's just your stupid doodoo phones that don't work so go get that fix. But when you get it fix don't come back rating this game a five star. :-P :-P
Private Private review Private Private
Idk why....
Idk why there has to be middle fingers and stuff. Like, that is NOT appropriate for kids! Otherwise pretty cool. But that is the one thing I myself would change to make it better. Like the updates tho ???
Charlotte ruby edwards review Charlotte ruby edwards
Had no problems at all. Don't listen to the bad reviews it is amazing. It might not work for bad phones or tablets cause I've got a really good tablet.
Gamer Girl review Gamer Girl
Stop hating..its a great app y'all just have old ratchet technology that don't work...no offense?...but if you're gonna hate don't hate on a great app...hate on a app that deserves to be hated?
Hanna Huff review Hanna Huff
Love it bruh
Okay. If you have a problem with swear words, don't let your kids use the app. It's that simple. I love this app. It's great. Swear words and gestures and all.
Macyn Hoeveler review Macyn Hoeveler
Good, but....
Fun, interesting, and really cool. One thing wrong, there is lots of curse words. If you take them away, I would definitely give it 5 stars.