Fake Call 3 APK

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Prank your friends and family with fake call 3.
With fake call 3 you can have fun with family and friends.
Join to the millions of users that already enjoy fake call 2.
Enjoy from new design of fake phone call!

Key features:
- Prank fake call with unknown number.
- Fake phone call with voice.
- Change name of caller.
- Change the caller picture.
- Fake call with real voice.
- Schedule a fake call.
- Fake phone call from whoever you want to...
- Make call with your own ringtone.
- Pretend your boss calling.
- Easy to use.
- It is free.

More features:
- Tricked your friends that a celeb is calling your phone.
- Learn your kids how use phone with fake call.
- Prank call yourself.
- Fake call that actually has a fake person talking.
- Fake caller id number.

Fake Call 3 APK reviews

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Sierra Gilroy review Sierra Gilroy
I freaking love this app my
Aop Zyd review Aop Zyd
Really fake but good
Judy Coleman review Judy Coleman
A lot better then 2nd one
Mark Bonetsky review Mark Bonetsky
This is soooo lame.. why would I wanna prank call my own phone?? Wtf!!!
Sonia Mehregan review Sonia Mehregan
Its pretty cool for pranks
Hillery Armstrong review Hillery Armstrong
"I LOVE IT!!!!"
I love this app and the ads don't bother me cuz they make sense and pop up during transition . I love how it uses ur actually ring tone so it's almost real I got my dad to yell at the phone for no reason.;-)so awesome
A Google User review A Google User
Dosent even work on my phone just a waste of time and data p.s. don't download it
Jessica Pearce review Jessica Pearce
Great app
It made my dad think someone's calling me when I don't have a sim card
Samona White review Samona White
Loll so cool
It needs to be the coolest it can be (it already is)
Maqaeda Frett review Maqaeda Frett
I wander
I wander if it is good just downloaded it
Robert Whytsell review Robert Whytsell
Force close
Every time I try to play it force closes.
Ammar Mughal review Ammar Mughal
An exellent app
Please download it friends. :-)(-: TAB 4
Gerritt Nelson review Gerritt Nelson
This is one of the best apps I have ever downloaded
Persia Aguirre review Persia Aguirre
Just put that
Hi can someone tell me how to use?for real
Lisette Dias review Lisette Dias
Awesome app
I pranked lots of my friends with it.