Fake Call APK

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Key features:
- easy to use.
- It is free.
- fill caller name.
- fill caller number.
- change the caller picture.
- your ringtone when incoming call.
- define timer for fake call.

More features:
- good for entertainment.
- this is so cool.

Fake Call APK reviews

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Natalie Johnson review Natalie Johnson
Hated it
They should have a voice on the other side
Brianna Perkins review Brianna Perkins
Fake call app
Fake calls
Rohit Singh review Rohit Singh
Very poor
Whn I was on fake call...my frnd call me. He didn't find his call in writing. .poor app
Tanmaya Kumar Mallick review Tanmaya Kumar Mallick
Making fool
Ha ha my favourite app
Byron Haden review Byron Haden
Never turned off
Kept calling and would never stop.
Khaled Gaide review Khaled Gaide
من تا حالا این برنامه ندیدم
Waad Bou Najem review Waad Bou Najem
Mohit Dutt Sharma Mohit review Mohit Dutt Sharma Mohit
I love that s app
I love this app
Daina Coleman review Daina Coleman
Really bad app
Mckenzie Mccue review Mckenzie Mccue
It doesn't work this is so stupid
Jazmyn Morales review Jazmyn Morales
I was in a boring conversion with my annoying friend and I used and got out of the convo.thanks!
BoGoBoO win win review BoGoBoO win win
Will it is OK right
Anthony Gray review Anthony Gray
Lol it's cool
Cliff Brackley review Cliff Brackley
It anoys me
Zachary Lockman review Zachary Lockman
It kept going off even after u hang it up