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Fanatical Football delivers the #1 realistic football experience to date on Android. Pick and lead your team through exhibition and season matches all the way to final victory!

Fanatical Football makes you feel the pulse of the NFL season. Build your team and run the show on offense and defense with new and improved touch controls and game modes! Score touchdowns by running, passing, and making big hits on D with intuitive tap and swipe controls. Thanks to immersive graphics and sounds, enjoy revamped crowd and environmental effects, making your Football experience more authentic than ever!

Game Features:
- Awesome graphics featuring you with incredibly detailed players in the most impressive setting ever seen
- Quick Game mode and Championship mode
- Build and upgrade your team and equip special power-ups

Fanatical Football APK reviews

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Al Lovinggood review Al Lovinggood
Love it.....but
Frustrating as hell to try and defend a pass. Everything ele is human error. Love this game
Jason M. Townsend review Jason M. Townsend
Pretty Good
BUT needs work. My player ran through a couple players, & the Computer ran through me as I was trying to tackle him. I dove right through him. Things got a Lil choppy to. Overall it's OK. I uninstalled
Klein Bernaldo review Klein Bernaldo
excellent fvcking great! ??
salute you guys mouse games! tripple kuddos to you guys great job keep updating. super loved it. low size yet great graphics no need for internet connection perfect! hope you could make basketball game like thia concept
Butta Washington review Butta Washington
Awesome stuff
Awesome, love it, great game choice awesome sauce
Jansen Tabisora review Jansen Tabisora
Great Game but
Please add a store that you can buy helmets or shoes and others and add multiplayer then this game will be the best sport game ever
Torey Thomas review Torey Thomas
Loved it
It jus need to be fixed every time I hold it straight the player runs in circles pleese fix it
Conner Kolb review Conner Kolb
Striped piece of crap
Hate it makes me trip over flat surfaces messed up
juwon fari review juwon fari
Will not start game
Sucks I tried to start the game but won't start it keeps on freezing
Clinton Dieter review Clinton Dieter
Easy play but hard to earn chips. Would have thought I would earn more for winning championship ?
Jaiden Myers review Jaiden Myers
Hey man what you're doing TODAY
Damiani King review Damiani King
Overall its a great game...wish i could have a better chance at intercepting the ball tho
Nicholas Adams review Nicholas Adams
Because you don't run yet and walk for a little bit it slow me down when i walk and tilt the phone but i did like it
Jimmy Fishcake review Jimmy Fishcake
Yo ma's a pus
Great game, needs a bit of work but has great potential. I gave it 5 stars
Guvnor Nnanna review Guvnor Nnanna
Man its awesome
Bro i won more than 1,000 championship games on this a year ago. Try it play iy. Awesomeeeeeee!!!!
Sherry Sowders review Sherry Sowders
Love the teams how they jersey are like ♥ it is more than 5 ✴⑩ ✴ but there is a fight when youre offence