Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank APK

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank screenshot 1Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank screenshot 2Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank screenshot 3Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank screenshot 4
Scan your finger to unlock the screen - prank.

Key features:
- Fingerprint scanner.
- Digital clock on lock screen.
- Finger scanner effect.
- Prank your friends.
- Select items from gallery.
- Turn on lock screen.
- Turn off lock screen.
- Easy to use.
- Fun for mobile.

More features:
- Fingerprint lock joke.
- Cool lock screen.
- It is free.

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank APK reviews

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Robin Haque review Robin Haque
I am looking for a while to get the best way
Deatrice Bragg review Deatrice Bragg
This is so cool
Benjamin Fuertes review Benjamin Fuertes
Not cool
Ik is not cool
Keasha Boyatt review Keasha Boyatt
It has to many pop ups
Skyler Houser review Skyler Houser
This is a cheep app I dont understand how 2 use the app
Charity Arzu review Charity Arzu
Its OK but I couldn't work it
Troy Hankish review Troy Hankish
It a koo app
valneshia jones review valneshia jones
I like it
Good job
Stupid dump app
WTF! I use it for first use awesome! But then 1 hour later tryed it again with the same finger and it didn't work. YOU HAVE TO FIX THIS THE THEN I'LL GIVE 5!
Falin Pettway review Falin Pettway
Zoe Anthony review Zoe Anthony
Loved it
This is a nice game but when I activated it with my thumb and went out I locked the phone I made of open with my thumb again but it said error so I pressed the home button thanks to the girl that gave me that advice
K Schertz review K Schertz
I am going to prank my brother
At first I freaked out because I thought I had locked myself out of my phone. I randomly taped and got in. The trick is the back/home button!
Lunnaliz Morales review Lunnaliz Morales
I never I never know about this game put it
I like to see details of the girl I like to make it look good and it makes it look funny or does it have to be the same exact picture I want to know if you don't tell me so mad that I will not be able to feel my eyes my nose everything okay so tell me tell me tell me I love you I hope people and I want to be like on that picture okay my birthday on March 27th 09 okay so 9:09 and my face was all the time to look at 8 o'clock so I'm going to take a shower myself and if I don't take pictures of mys on Facebook
Prasanna Kumari review Prasanna Kumari
Cool I can fool my friends with this app
Jada Bryant review Jada Bryant
Won't even work
The dumb game don't work I mean wants you change wallpaper you can't even use the game