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Freeroam City Online
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Play online with up to 100 people per server with Cars, Bikes, Planes & Weapons.
Enjoy fun and responsive vehicle physics instead of the usual realistically boring driving games.

Cars, bikes, planes and awesome weapons like Sniper Rifles.

-Advanced graphics options: Anti-Aliasing, Shadow Quality, for better graphics and performance.
-Download now and play multiplayer online with your friends in special dedicated servers with up to 100 people.

Freeroam City Online APK reviews

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Brian Barnabee review Brian Barnabee
Nice start
This is a nice start for what could be a good game. Needs improved physics, more opportunities to interact with other players, maybe give players a reason to be in this virtual world other than to just ride around bumping into other players, (all without effect).
Jose Lopez review Jose Lopez
Awsome game but on next update plz add these items 1.a jet 2.the dirtbike from your other game and 3. A shotgun . although thus is just the beta stage of the game its still crazy fin to play=p
Gabe Ramirez review Gabe Ramirez
Can't wait for updates cuz its lookin good. Add chat room and mics and add vehicle damage, crosshairs, more crazy ramps and stuff and ya better combat system
Kevin Camunez review Kevin Camunez
Super fun
You can get planes cars motersicels and guns srry if i did not spell write
Luz Landa review Luz Landa
Plz read
Plz add so you can add friends and make private servers and more planes and more guns and more modes and skins and zobies and more zones
Chase Cavage review Chase Cavage
I think this is a good game but it's potential to be a top app is there. First of all needs a lot more guns, cars, planes, motorcycles, and games to play. Second a better targeting system would be awesome perhaps iron sights for non sniper rifles and perhaps a fps camera view. I definitely love the maps but I would like to see bigger more complex playgrounds and better and more racetracks. And last but not least better car graphics and controls. Other than that I'm hooked
antoniogskz AC review antoniogskz AC
This game let's you do so many stuff and some other games do not do that and look at my YouTube channel it is called Antoniogskz plz subscribe and comment also like plz
Hamko Hammadh review Hamko Hammadh
Before i was playing this game and now i can't play it. It just stepped automatically out to my home screen plz i need help
x18BritishBillx18 review x18BritishBillx18
The game kicks you out after 5 seconds of gameplay, before the F1 update everything was fine btw I really appreciate the update as the F1 car is really fun to drive but I'd like it better if you added engine sound, the stairs at the shop are really useful and the mini games like deathrun are actually cool, please consider improving the helicopter handling as it is nearly impossible to control, also I'd love to see new vehicles in the future
Free review Free
Need a scoring system, like when someone kills someone lmao, i snipe everyone and want it displayed lmao
Francisco Pedregon review Francisco Pedregon
I love it but the new update is you can friend request
7Gameer review 7Gameer
Lag and crash! Please fix that bugs :D
Galaxy Ace 3... It looks like a great game! :D
Askari Mehdi review Askari Mehdi
Good but..
Its great but the reason its 4 star because whenever i try to watch an ad, the game crashes. Please fix this so i can enjoy the game completely
Bayrain Davis review Bayrain Davis
Amazing, some ideas tho
This game is just fun and a good time user. There could be a lot more items and maybe a city? Like it was huge but a city would be pretty fun, jumping off of rooftops and buildings. If it can get more weapons, vehicles etc I would rate it 10 stars if I could
Mateo Karaga review Mateo Karaga
Pretty nice game
Well, need still some work, but it's great.