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Get trending products at 50-80% OFF what you would pay at your local stores. Get the smartest deals on headphones, watches, speakers, phone upgrades, car accessories, and electronics directly on your phone. We go directly to the manufacturers to get you the best deals on stuff you want. So don't get up, keep sitting and shop smart and we'll take care of the rest.

Geek - Smarter Shopping APK reviews

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jamie nix review jamie nix
Great App
This app is great. There are so many items to choose from at unbeatable prices. The only downfall is the shipping takes so long. 3-4 wks min on most items !
John Varughese review John Varughese
Please don't listen to the attention wanters
I personally think this is a good app and the shipping and products are great. Who wouldn't beat the price? Shut up attention wanters!!! Most of the persons reviews are put to give this app a bad reputation. But in my opinion, this is a good app. Believe me......
Kenneth Cella review Kenneth Cella
Terrible shipping/support
I was told my item was shipped August 27th and would arrive no later than September 14th. It is currently four days late and support has yet to answer my questions about my item. My wife ordered the same item on the same day and she received hers within the estimated delivery dates. I'm still waiting.
Wayne Shufelt review Wayne Shufelt
Love the app
This app is great, I really like it. I actually have this on my tablet which allows me to see bigger pictures of the products. The only thing I would like is a way to delete old notification
Obinna Onwuka review Obinna Onwuka
Cool App
Definitely alot of cool things (at great prices) that I wouldn't have looked at before
Nathan Wallace review Nathan Wallace
Looking forward to purchase something soon
Have not bought anything yet so my rating is inconclusive until then
Kristopher Kilgore review Kristopher Kilgore
Please stay away from this app.
Terrible customer service. Took my money and didn't give me the item.
ToddLaura Myler review ToddLaura Myler
Good cheap stuff
If you're looking for lots of cheap stuff, this is the place. If you don't like supporting China's economy, don't use this app.
The Brass Gamer review The Brass Gamer
User friendly, wallet friendly
Truely am easy store to use and maneuver deffinitely going to but plenty off here I suggest this app heavily to all who want products at a cheap price with expensive quality.
Ashleigh Walker review Ashleigh Walker
So easy to use. I'm buying off here all the time. Sure shipping takes a while but hey, it's so cheap! ???
Martin Duffy review Martin Duffy
Stop Draining My Battery
It seems great bargains to be had but please stop draining my battery otherwise will uninstall. I will re-assess my rating once you address this matter and also I place and receive my first order. Thank you.
Awesome lists
surprising that i can get things for my girlfriend at low prices and awesome things for my car as well. Not entirely sure i can trust it just yet due to the fact i haven't bought anything but, i am hoping it will work out
Mailing information for free gift
Didn't get to finish information for mailing free gift to my account was not able to get back page application so Uninstaller app.sounds like a bogus operations
Bruce Little review Bruce Little
It seems OK, BUT!
You can tell the merchandise appears to mainly be from China. I have placed several orders and prices appear to be very good, but my main complaint is the product descriptions are minimal at best and should have much more detail than what is given. You have to get more info from pictures than verbage at times. I am also suspicious of some of the reviews like the guy who compains people can't hear him with his iPhone waterproof cover under water! What?
Christina Turner review Christina Turner
I haven't bought anything yet but your stuff is super cheap and amazing. Honestly you should have your own store. ?????☺☺☺☺☺????