Group Fight Online APK

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Hard-core street fighters, bring it on!. Show us what you’ve got.

Recluse master fighters, welcome to the “Group Fight Online.”

-Join this true-to-life multi-play gang fight with global users in real time.

★★★★★ A true-to-life group fight that you can’t afford in real life.
★★★★★ Forget about skills like Taekweondo, kickboxing and Kungfu. A pre-emptive strike matters!
★★★★★ The best multi-play group fight game ever!
★★★★★ A world beater in the group fight online is a genuine fighter!

✔ A real-time multi-play true-to-life gang fight.
✔ A street fight of sheer strikers with no macho bravado.
✔ Unlimited capability level upgrades (striking power/striking speed/defensive power/fitness)
✔ Fight rating system
✔ Supported in 141 countries
✔ Real-time chats with global users (almost all languages are supported.)

Feeling stressed out with studying, finding jobs and boredom?
Bust your stress with ‘Group Fight Online’!

Group Fight Online APK reviews

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Connor Stout review Connor Stout
Button Masher 2015
No skill needed, just spawn killing and mashing the attack button.
Zoila Loyza review Zoila Loyza
Not sure
Wtf?!?! We don't have enough space to fight anyways!!! Plus I can't keep dying in that little space!! PLUS,THE POINTS ARE TOO MUCH!!!! I'm uninstalling this piece if garbage
Romano Serrotti review Romano Serrotti
Group fight
This game is awesome ,but u must make that your defence can be more than 102 i upgrade mine to 1567 and my character wont hit ,id rate this 5 if you fixe this problem . if you want it to stay and 102 than make that the highest level so we dont pass it while upgrading .
Setan Bambam review Setan Bambam
I got hit someone. And i got 15 million points. But when use the point to upgrade, i cant hit anymore. And always die.
Nattamon Suanchan review Nattamon Suanchan
Die easily
You should create room for beginner. Because newbie can't win the old player.
Kingsukh Roy review Kingsukh Roy
World's worst game
Ki game diyo bey tohoti. Bhal kiba game de nohole tohotor company bondho kori dim
Anton Tan review Anton Tan
There's no hackers
There's no hacker the moderator ban hackers the one hit attack players are moderator
Fayem Hussain review Fayem Hussain
Cool game nothing bad to it is just amazing so rate it 5 stars plsese and get this because you can kill each each other
Janiway De Guzman review Janiway De Guzman
Pls fix
Pls put a – like that in the skill points if you want 5 star
JC_Hype Gaming review JC_Hype Gaming
Great but......
Hackers ruin the fun for everyone. I just started and some guy named Steranko or whatever came a killed me with one hit.
Morticia Marina review Morticia Marina
Boring and has bugs
Despite getting killed a few times from just one hit, the button to move stopped responding so I just kept regenerating and fighting in the same spot.... It's boring because there's no thinking needed; just run in circles until you collide with someone and then repeatedly hit the "hit" button.
the TRUTH review the TRUTH
Its almost fun to play but
Lots of hackers and I always got stuck at the top of the boxes where I respawn
Corey Sweetland review Corey Sweetland
Fun but its to hard
Yayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay make a number 2 pls can it have weapons with it
Damian Gonzalez review Damian Gonzalez
Dont work males your decís toern off
isaiah arano review isaiah arano
Addicted but.....
Has anyone come across kent an alfed there such hakers I was punching alfred an nothing was happening an kent just one hits everyone... would be nice to play some legit players....... other then that nice game