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Welcome to Haunted Clown Circus, the #1 first-person survival horror wrapped inside a realistic 3D world. Discover what happened in the circus 25 years ago!

Our story started quite ordinary. You got an offer to visit a legend circus but you will forever remember that trip! The exploration went wrong from the very beginning: horrible atmosphere, broken lights, and insufficient cell-phone battery to make a call. But with full region over the entire circus, you can utilize monitors, elevators, Christmas trees and anything else to ward off the dreadful creatures such as clowns, rabbits, orangutans and other killers.

This is reality. Will you emerge from this fateful circus alive, or will you too, like previous visitors in the past 25 years, be chased and trapped here for the remainder of your life.

Game Features:
- Unsettling realistic 3D graphics and eerie music
- Intuitive and simple two finger controls
- Multiple game endings including both good and bad

Haunted Circus 3D APK reviews

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Black Diamond Curse review Black Diamond Curse
I love it so much fun!💟💞💝💜💛💚💙💗💖💕❤💘
This game is so much fun. I get worried when I'm walking around because I can get discovered easier. I can get discovered in the camera room too but for me and probably some others playing it's easier to be found walking around. This game is kinda like five nights at Freddy's but I can walk around and hide. If u like scary games u should totally get this game.
okay its scary cause someone pops out
here is a guide 4 beginner,to survive day 1 u have to travel around n go to the survillance room then u will find a doll in there.. n then get out from there n go back to the computer room u need to be alarm bcause when the clock is already 12pm monsters will pop up..stay in the computer room until it is 6pm,n voilla u have complete day 1.
Marian Faith Ibaoc review Marian Faith Ibaoc
I love it.. It creeps me out
Hi! I just completed the haunted circus day 1-7 i started playing the H.C on feb.15 and i just finished the seventh day today .. What im going to tell is i thought the last day is the hardest day of all the days cause its the last right.. 7 day is the most easy day of all .. But im wondering that they said when u finished the game u will find out the story behind the H.C why is it that i didnt find anything?.. Please reply... Please reply.... Pleassseeee
Shataylee McKnight review Shataylee McKnight
Great game!!!!!
For all of you who seek directions here there are...so when you first start go right to the surveillance room, it's the safest place you could possibly be. BUT DON'T STAY THERE! You must keep traveling until the time strikes 4pm you will then see a large clock which means you have survived. Are you ready for day 2?
Dawn Williams review Dawn Williams
Throw me a bone
Please help Mouse Games! Seems like it could be a great game but no idea what to do. Just keep wandering the halls until something jumps out & then suddenly game over. No idea where anything is unless in surveillance room. Any hints?
Fetdinand Cueno review Fetdinand Cueno
You can see the clown outside the window then hide in a Christmas tree,Bed and cupboard. The Christmas tree is in the beginning of the day and you can see the cupboard in day 2-5. And finally the bed is in day 6-7. If you wear the mask of the clown monsters will ignore you. Except the clown cause he'll it's you. Or bumping them
Haven Williams review Haven Williams
I think this game is so stupid. I keep dying or whatever right away. I have no clue where the surveillance room is, I follow the red arrows and then I die. A clown thing pops up and then I repeat the process. This game is a waste of time.
A Google user review A Google user
Well it took me like days to finish night 1 and now I'm stuck at night 2 but when I got out of the game and played other games it said. the truth is sleeping in the circus but I don't know how to sleep so I'm trying to go to the clown room but he locks it help and add more things dude
raja saha review raja saha
Ya, this game is very scary, but sometimes it becomes very boring. Once I kept following the red arrows and then I saw a room with a computer.As soon as I opened the door, a clown pop ups and I lose!!!!
Stefan Gadecki review Stefan Gadecki
So dark I can't play it
It looks like an awesome game but on my phone it is so dark I can't see what is going on and I have my brightness set at 100%. Since it is unplayable I give it 1 star. If the brightness gets corrected and I can actually play it my rating will go up.
gamerboy88061 and Dr.tryphon review gamerboy88061 and Dr.tryphon
Make a multiplayer so you can play with your friends and they can join your game PLEASE I said please
madhuri tiruvoipati review madhuri tiruvoipati
Really scared and u know I screemed of playing this game
Heriberto Anthony Soto review Heriberto Anthony Soto
This is so cool, my heart almost skipped a beat when that girl zombie or something came out at me on the corner leafing to a door from the felft door of the monitor room.
Cleona Fonoti review Cleona Fonoti
I freakin jumped wen the clown came outta no where 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
A Google User review A Google User
This game is stupid it didn't work! It just got out back to my homepage!