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Throw parties, make friends, and date the coolest kids in town... in YOUR High School Story!

Play as a jock, nerd, or prep - the choice is yours as you live your teenage years your way! Be the guy or girl that EVERYONE wants to know!

Attend parties with new friends at homecoming or prom to add them to the campus of your dreams, and check out the Isle of Love where romance is in the air! Get an all-star boyfriend... or date the head cheerleader! Go on wild trips with your classmates, and learn all their secrets! Discover these and hundreds of other stories at your awesome campus today!

- Add UNIQUE CLASSMATES to your squad! From prom kings to homecoming queens, befriend them all!
- Become BFFs with awesome characters like Payton in THE PARTY GIRL or Nishan in MISSION NERDPOSSIBLE!
- Host parties to meet over 30 CLASSMATE TYPES! Writers, cheerleaders, rock climbers, and more!
- Date YOUR CRUSH and help your BFFs find romance too!
- Meet cute boys and girls at the FANTASY PHOTOBOOTH, and make your choice!
- Battle a rival high school at the epic HOMECOMING GAME!
- Get pumped up with the cheer captain at CHEERLEADER CAMP!
- Nerd out at the SCIENCE FAIR, or get creative in a massive PRANK WAR with your classmates!
- Decorate your DREAM CAMPUS with everything from prom thrones to boxes of puppies!
- Customize your look! Casual or formal, nerdy or sporty... YOU CHOOSE!
- Dress up in FORMALWEAR for prom and romance your date on the dance floor!
- GO STEADY with a hot girl or boyfriend, and PLAY MATCHMAKER for your friends!
- Get an intro to coding in a special quest with GIRLS WHO CODE!
- Learn advanced high school vocabulary words in FUN MINI-GAMES!
- Enjoy new stories, romances, parties, and choices EVERY WEEK!

High School Story is completely free to play, but you can purchase some in-game items with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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High School Story APK reviews

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Aldrich Gabriel review Aldrich Gabriel
Keeps on restarting
Why this game is restarting?! I closed it for a while to eat my lunch. After I open it, it turned level 1 again. Please fix this. I really love this game. :'(
Lilly Sheridan review Lilly Sheridan
Love this app!
This is my favorite game ever! I highly recommend this game for anyone! One thing that I think would be cool for you to add is for us to be able to actually see Hearst high. That would be pretty cool.
Tega Adjene review Tega Adjene
Weekly quests
Suddenly my weekly quests stopped working. I have been on the same one for days. Please help me.
Charumathi Krishnan review Charumathi Krishnan
Keep playing it for a while and then they give you 10,000 books! That happened to me.
Tamaica Washington review Tamaica Washington
U can date dance talk admit people help people and do much more
Michael Montgomery review Michael Montgomery
Fun game
Easy to play. Great stories. And fun concept. Really enjoy this game but wish some of the limited time quests were cheaper.
Natasha James review Natasha James
High school story is a great way to have fun, add your friends and even make your own school! As well as colleting money, dressing up classmates, completing quest this game has hours of fun for u!!! I would advise u to get it and tell your friends=) Have fun=-)
Sue Kempton review Sue Kempton
Revised opinion
So with rings being so hard to come by without actually having to purchase them, why would you want to waste them on a date that has nothing to do with game play? And why didn't you state that the Lea Michelle feature would cost money? $8 for the character REALLY!?!
Mekenzie Lorenzetti review Mekenzie Lorenzetti
I love the game but in the Lea Michele update why can't her and her clothes be free instead of being 7.99
Yasmine Schaffer review Yasmine Schaffer
Love the game but..
Which the heck is leaving Machel. The game would be better without her
Valencia Head review Valencia Head
It's been better...
This Lea Michele update is wack! Definitely not paying cash for someone who I don't even know. Wouldn't have minded it otherwise. Also, it keeps running out of quests. And the quests take so long to finish. Getting boring now.
Kira Evans review Kira Evans
Wayyy to expensive
I love the game but I can't even by one outfit if u want five stars lower the price of everything then it would be better plz fix this
josefina perez review josefina perez
This game has gotten better but...
The prices are still crazy. Why do we have to pay actual money for Lea Michele -.- It also takes a long time for a quest to finish
En Rui Fung review En Rui Fung
I like this game but I can't connect to Facebook.. They say that "The currently logged in Facebook Account does not match the account linked in your game. Please logged in with the matching account." Which that account is actually the same, why?????
Margo Davies review Margo Davies
Love this game!
This game is so much fun to play