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Hulu is the best place to watch the shows and movies you love. Get unlimited instant streaming of 1000's of current-season and library TV shows and hit movies – anytime, anywhere with limited advertising for $7.99/month.

• Watch current season episodes of hit shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Saturday Night Live, Black-ish, Family Guy, and many more.

• Enjoy current and previous seasons of Reality shows such as Real Housewives; Kids programs including Curious George and Adventure Time; Latino series and top telenovelas; Hulu Original series and much more.

Hulu for Android TV APK reviews

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Xiaoyan Dang review Xiaoyan Dang
Hulu is awesome, even right now it has ShowTime & No ads version!
Corey Dean review Corey Dean
This is the worst company on the face of the planet. They're rude, have absolutely no worries when it comes to their customers, and give smart remarks for answers.
Brandon Obert review Brandon Obert
I find it to be absolute crap that the playback for the T.V shows freezes and stutters every 5 seconds or so but the ads work just fine! Utter Bull Crap
Zachary Dunn review Zachary Dunn
Why does the app forgo Android TV's key feature of voice search for an awful single line keyboard?
Harold Lopez review Harold Lopez
As of the latest version (1.1.2), the Nexus Player version of this app remains inaccessible to consumers with visual impairments who use the Google TalkBack screen reader. TalkBack does not read aloud anything in the app. It does not read menu items, show titles, video controls, etc. In fact it does not even read the opening log in page for the app. These kind of issues appear in all versions of your app across all the various platforms. I hope these issues get addressed since we are paying customers too and would like access to the content we are paying for.
José Olivo review José Olivo
I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crackle and more, Hulu Plus is horrible for the simple fact that I'm trying the week trial all find that there is about 8-10+ commercials and they group them so 2 commercials put together make one it's bad real bad. Then there's Hulu Plus CEO defending ads by saying that having ads helps keep subcriptions down, not only are they milking the users but also milking the company they advertise for. Here's the facts, Netflix and others offer the same and without commercials surely if they can do it Hulu Plus can. So far in my week trial I seen more commercials than i have Crackle which is free. So if you don't care about commercials and like to throw money away to Hulu is for you. If you really want to feel your paying for a premium service without ads then other streaming services are for you. I can't justify spending money for so called premium service that is clearly the same as Hulu free and crackle. Overall I'm not impressed because other streaming services really treat your subscription as premium and commercial free and Netflix and Amazon give the user a commercial free experience you dont, Hulu Plus no amount of excuse can justify ads. Period
Adam Haile review Adam Haile
Latest version (4/21/2015) not working on Nexus Player.
My nexus player just got the update and it immediately crashes every time.
Leon Ziemba review Leon Ziemba
Broke on Nexus Player
No bueno. Please fix!!! Things were fine yesterday. Unfortunately I don't think we can downgrade on Android TV.
Julian Rovito review Julian Rovito
Not working on Nexus Player anymore
Chris Hollis review Chris Hollis
Android TV
This is what we've been waiting for.
Josh Ehlke review Josh Ehlke
Frequent buffering on Nexus Player, despite Netflix and other apps performing fine. Hulu on Apple TV on same network/TV works fine too. Followed all suggestions in help, but doesn't get better.
Chris Zumwalt review Chris Zumwalt
Simply does not work on my NVIDIA Shield TV. Crashes as soon as an Ad attempts to play. I can watch movies that have no commercials, but that's it. Is this some clever ploy by Hulu to get me to upgrade to a commercial-free plan? If so, it isn't working. If they don't have this fixed quickly, I'm canceling.
Randy Magruder review Randy Magruder
As subscribers, the biggest headache we have is that during any given show, 2 or 3 times per show, the screen will go black, but the network logo will remain. We get no sound or picture other than the network logo in the bottom right. If we press back, and select [resume] from the hulu menu, it goes in and continues at the same point and all is fine. Why should the stream be doing this? (This is on an nVidia Shield Android TV running Android Marshmallow).
Josh Ehlke review Josh Ehlke
Frequent buffering on Nexus Player, despite Netflix and other apps performing fine. Hulu on Apple TV on same network/TV works fine too. Followed all suggestions in help, but doesn't get better.
Victor Holz review Victor Holz
The UI on this app looks like it is easy to use at first glance but is actually horrible when you do use it. It cannot remember what you watched. Navigating through the menus is confusing and time consuming. This is the worst TV/Streaming app I have ever used.