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Hunter: Animals In The Forest
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You are on hunting in the forest, which is home for many forest animals.

In order to shoot more animals, with each passing level you provided with a new weapon. 15 high powered weapons of different types are available: pistol, grenade, machine guns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, carbine, shotguns, flamethrower, grenade launchers, rocket launcher (bazooka). Having a choice of weapons arsenal, your chances of survival increase.

You are a hunter or prey in this exciting game? Play and you will find out.

Your mission is to destroy a certain amount of forest animals at every level. If you will manage to shoot down the animal thanks to your hunting skills, then for each completed level you will get more powerful gun in your arsenal.

Many animals are available: bear, wolf, deer, buffalo, rabbit, boar.

Fire and reload your weapon. Do not stand still, move, at this time the damage done to you by animals will gradually recover. If you need to take rest after active hunting, make a pause using pause mode, where you will be completely invisible.

Discover the beautiful location of a wild nature, inhabited by the forest animals, hunt and gather your weapons, and try to pass all levels.

In this hunter game there are 15 levels with increasing difficulty. 15 weapons with increasing power to expand your arsenal. Different forest animals, some of them will attack the enemy, which is located on their territory.

Realistic 3D graphics and amazing immersive gameplay are providing a visceral, dramatic experience and are helping you to travel to the land of the woods of your dream, right on the screen of your mobile device, including your phone and tablet!

During the game, you will enjoy the realistic graphics of the natural environment, which has a variety of vegetation, excellent blue sky with volumetric clouds, and passing through the bushes you will hear the rustling of the branches and fully immerse into the atmosphere of hunting in the forest.

"Hunter: Animals In The Forest" is a high-quality entertainment game for everyday use, and a free mobile 3D action first person shooter (fps) and the simulator (sim) in high-definition (HD) quality.

Left side of the screen controls movement, right side of the screen controls rotation.

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A Google User review A Google User
Tzoni gishti
Rich Steele review Rich Steele
Eloise Seaward review Eloise Seaward
This app is fricking awsome
Kevin Rodriguez review Kevin Rodriguez
to many ads
prakash kothawale review prakash kothawale
grateful game
I like it to much all snipers are powerful
Sale Mamud review Sale Mamud
I love it so awesome.
Brandon Golder review Brandon Golder
To many ads man, every 20 seconds, do not download, its ridiculous
Jace Mayfield review Jace Mayfield
Rubish dont bother making a new one
Alyssa Vazquez review Alyssa Vazquez
Animals in the forest
Ernie Lance review Ernie Lance
It honestly is dissappointing.lags and the pop ups are ridiculious.dont download this .
Claudia O'Sullivan review Claudia O'Sullivan
Great game guys
This game is so good my brother even likes it more than I do u guys should make a 2nd game of this
Anna Redmond review Anna Redmond
This game is asom
Sherpa Filmz review Sherpa Filmz
Kami Jan review Kami Jan
Anitha A review Anitha A
This is superb app for hunting animals and getting thrilled