Ice Hockey 3D APK

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Simple. Fun. Classic. Whet your hockey appetite with this #1 adrenaline filled fun game Ice Hockey 3D.

Ice Hockey 3D offers pure hockey experience with fast paced game-play, smooth animations, stunning visuals, incredibly fluid controls and insane actions. Choose your favorite hockey team of skaters and dominate the ice while fighting your way to the final buzzer! Perform faultless poke-checks and deliver perfect slap-shots to bring down even the toughest of opponents. Whether you like quick bursts of action or want to dive deep with hours of fun like NHL, Ice Hockey 3D is here for you!

Game Features:
- Customize your team with over 20+ uniforms
- Boost your players shooting, passing and skating skills in Dress-room
- Smooth, responsive game play & realistic physics
- Quick Play & Championship Mode (Cup, Tour, Shootout)
- Mini-game Air Hockey included

Ice Hockey 3D APK reviews

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CT Fringe review CT Fringe
Love it
Now I don't have to get out of this app to play air hockey
Al Little-Guy review Al Little-Guy
It's awesome
I like that it was like real ice hockey and that it has air hockey.
Gabriel Ogunyinka review Gabriel Ogunyinka
Amazing game try it. No question its the best hockey game ever
atreal loyd review atreal loyd
I wish there was a button to were you could steal the puck.
Tyler McMullen review Tyler McMullen
You can not stop the shots in overtime if someone finds out how to stop passes type a review or contact me
Michael Giannino review Michael Giannino
BEST game ever
The game is so much fun! There's no better game in the world.
Joshua Greene review Joshua Greene
What a joke...
Did a 5 yr old make this? So bad dont dl....
Miguel Rivera review Miguel Rivera
Need better control
This game is good but it just needs better controls if it did then it would be five star
Nathan Decarolis review Nathan Decarolis
The game is very soundless. It needs the fans cheering.
Rachel Sakhi review Rachel Sakhi
Ice Hockey 3D by Mouse Games
Beautiful 3D graphics, awesome action music, affordable prices, no glitches, convenient for tablets & androids, user-friendly and fun.
Mr. Gaming 4002 review Mr. Gaming 4002
It is O.K
Is wish it wasn't so hard to control but it was pretty fun!
Mat Nicy review Mat Nicy
Totally bad
I can almost never poke check or body check and you can't do a shot that is all of a sudden
EminentGaming review EminentGaming
Takes some getting used to...
You have to get used to it to like it... At first, the other team will score once they take one shot... U have to stop that by skating in their stick and turning them... Goalies are useless when you shoot the puck infront of them...
Nazrine Douglas review Nazrine Douglas
By Tyhiem
I love it that ice hockey game is the the number 1 game in play store