icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa APK

icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa
icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 1icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 2icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 3icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 4icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 5icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 6icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 7icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 8icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 9icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa screenshot 10
A definitive app for changeable icons and wallpapers! ?
With 1,500,000 icon and wallpaper designs, the combinations are limitless✨

With these cute icons and wallpapers, completely redress your home screen!
Check out the icons and wallpapers that are taking the world by storm!

?Especially recommended if you
- want to make your app icons cuter.
- want more stylish wallpaper.
- want your favorite character icons or wallpaper.
- want to change your icons to pets or entertainers.
- want a cute SNS cover photo.

You can use all the cute icons and wallpapers you want for free, so the sky's the limit♡
Icons and wallpapers are posted by creators from all around the world.
We assure you will find ones you like!

?Customize All
Find your favorite Home Screen Packs in the [Lounge] and download them all at once! ♡
Using「CocoPPa Launcher+」, you can customize your home screen really easily with just 2 taps♪

?Cutest icon changer ever
Cutify your home screen with CocoPPa's kawaii icons and wallpapers, for free!
We have a line-up of cute icons, from popular app icons used by everyone for Facebook, Instagram and other apps, including default apps like phone, email, browser.

Enjoy your customization life icons and wallpapers!

?For Creators..
Thank you very much for sharing your design!
We always welcome your icons and wallpapers :)

?Make friends around the world
Because it is a favorite application in the whole world, I can talk with an illustrator making a nice icon or wallpaper, I can make a request ♡ I am glad about the translation function!


■CocoPPa is a tool for creating shortcut icons.
Shortcut icons will no longer work if the apps linked to them are deleted.
Please note that we hold no responsibility for apps you delete by mistake.
Inquiries about the app can be directed to the addresses below.

■We have verified that if Launcher app is used, these bugs might occur.
【1】Automatically power down, or switch back to first setting icon after a while.
【2】When icon is moved to folder, switch back to first setting icon.
【3】Icon design can not be changed.
These are the problems related to the launcher apps, so it is difficult for us to manage right now.
Please turn off the default launcher or set <CocoPPa Launcher+> that is optimized for CocoPPa as the home screen or use the sister Launcher App "CocoPPa Launcher"(http://bit.ly/1Rrx0cj) to enjoy customizing your device.

* Some devices use launcher on their default home screen.
In that case, if it's default home screen, icon setting might not work well.
Thank you for your understanding.


■For user
[email protected]
■For business
[email protected]

# CocoPPa is a trademark of UNITED, Inc.

icon wallpaper dressup?CocoPPa APK reviews

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Nell Townsend review Nell Townsend
love it
this app is super cool
Chancel J review Chancel J
Very creative and enjoyable ?
Ong Yousl Shuan review Ong Yousl Shuan
The first few months its okay. Now when i wanna download icons it kept on saying " couldnt connect to sever " then now, half of my home screen is filled with beautiful icons and the other half are just filled normal icons.
Layla Langford review Layla Langford
slow at times but an overall great app!
Megan Rage review Megan Rage
I love this app.
So much creativity! !?
Madison Pockrus review Madison Pockrus
This is the coolest Fricken app ever
Kiara Petersen review Kiara Petersen
Love this!! ?
penny thompson review penny thompson
Love the icons
Stephanie Treiber review Stephanie Treiber
I love these icons
Hannah Twins review Hannah Twins
Leilani Ramirez review Leilani Ramirez
I love it they should upgrade it but it's perfect
Jurnee Combs review Jurnee Combs
Cooppa has the best screens
Nina Carter review Nina Carter
Love this app. Best wallpapers!!
Jeffery Newell review Jeffery Newell
It's a cool way to decorate and customize your phone or tablet
Crystal Robinson review Crystal Robinson
Very nice