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Life’s busy; cash is cumbersome and old news. Make way for Keenu wallet, a FREE payment app for the new generation.

What is Keenu Wallet?
It’s your wallet in your smartphone. Just install the app, sign up and transfer money into your secure digital wallet. That’s it, you’re set. Now you can make a purchase at your favorite retail outlet, shop online, request and share money with friends, pay utility bills from home and more. No need to worry about carrying cash or your wallet anymore.

It’s Free!
All good things in life are free, so is Keenu! No hidden in-app purchases or pesky ads to bother you.
It’s Secure
Keenu wallet is the safest and most secure way to carry your money. With no cash on you, you’re likely to frustrate the efforts of wallet-snatchers everywhere! Get Keenu and stay safe.

…And it’s got dozens of rewards
Not only is Keenu completely free, it actually pays you back! Yup, that’s right; it rewards you instantly when you pay with it. Start spending and get even more benefits. Rewards range from amazing discounts, to cashback, to drool-worthy retail and online offers nationwide. What’s more, you can even get rewarded for bringing your friends on board.

How does it work?
Sign up with your registered mobile number, and use one of our many methods to transfer money to your wallet. Transfer money into the wallet through online banking or make a cash deposit at the nearest bank branch. Your safe and secure digital wallet is now all set.
What can I do with it?

> Shop at hundreds of stores and outlets
Keenu features hundreds of stores with exclusive deals, offers and cashback. So the next time you head out to shop, tap your Keenu app to see the hottest deals in town. You’d rather stay at home? Shop from our online partners and enjoy instant rewards without leaving your couch.
> Pay Bills
With Keenu pay your utility bills in the snap of a finger! No need to wait in long queues or worry about carrying cash. Log in to your Keenu Wallet, click ‘Pay Bills’, add your details, and... bill paid!

> Move Money
Transfer money with ease. Send, receive and request money from anyone, anywhere, anytime with the Keenu app. Just enter their mobile number and voila, instant transfer. Magical, isn’t it?

> Request Payments
You’re out shopping and suddenly find yourself short of cash. Ask friends for some money in your Keenu wallet. Or pay on your friend’s behalf and later request payment from them to your Wallet.
> Invite Friends
Once you’ve signed up, you can invite your friends and family to share new deals and offers. Just add their phone number, and you’re good to go. After all, the more the merrier, right?

> Book a ride online
Saw a tempting Keenu retail offer, but can't get there? We’ve got you covered. Book your Uber ride with a click and avail Keenu’s retail offer without any hassle.
> Add Money Via Cash / Quick Cash Deposit
Don’t have an online bank account to add money to Keenu Wallet? Don’t worry, now you can add money with Cash Deposit and Quick Cash Deposit options. Go to your nearest bank branch mentioned on the app, and quickly deposit money in your wallet. Doesn’t get more convenient than this.
Enjoy, Keenu’s got your back. So what’re you waiting for? Click “Install” already.

Keenu Wallet APK reviews

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Hassaan BIN YASIN review Hassaan BIN YASIN
Zahoor Hussain review Zahoor Hussain
Bkwas h free reward nhi milta , avi sb na topi drama bna kr raka hua hai, koi sharam hoti hai koi haya hti hai
Hassaan Smarty review Hassaan Smarty
I love this app so much. So easy to pay
A Google user review A Google user
Fake reward system. I joined from my friend's referral link but we both did'nt get reward. Ehy should we promote it?? I ll request all influencers not to promote this app.
M Abdullah Sadiq review M Abdullah Sadiq
I cannot receive my reward
Arif Hameed review Arif Hameed
Poor customer service. Lost my money. Not recommended for use
Mubashar Memon review Mubashar Memon
Everthing Fake You can not get Free Reward Fruad Hai Sab kuch Free Reward nhn mil raha
Zalaand Tube review Zalaand Tube
I Have RS. 200 Reward How can I get this on my phone number..
Zain Ashfaq review Zain Ashfaq
Did not got any reward ;)
A Google user review A Google user
They didnt give any reward its fake
Saqlain Balouch review Saqlain Balouch
i did not get my reward
Akbar Omar review Akbar Omar
One time password doesn't work tryed it 3 times it says incorrect and I have entered correct password
Mohsin Mustafa review Mohsin Mustafa
One time password doesn't work I've inserted it twice correctly.. but still it says it's the wrong code!?
Azhar iqbal review Azhar iqbal
Awesome application and payment was really easy at merchant. I hope keenu will give more rewards to its customers.
Sami Malik review Sami Malik
How to use the reward balance