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Kwai - Social Video Network
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Used by over 400 million users globally, Kwai connects you to the world's most fun, inspiring and relevant video moments. We believe everyone's life is uniquely interesting. Capture your daily video moments - the highlights, the mundanes and everything in between. Be friends with those who share your passion and curiosity in life on Kwai.

Use Kwai to:
• Capture and post fun video moments in your life.
• Highlight your videos with the wonderful stickers, filters, and creatives we provide - they are very fun to play with.
• Discover new lives and new worlds from millions of short videos uploaded by fellow Kwai users every day.
• Follow and connect with people you find interesting. See their lives in video moments, and let others see yours.
• Share fun video moments with your friend on any social network you prefer.

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Kwai - Social Video Network APK reviews

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Jessie Lee review Jessie Lee
I am having trouble getting the lyrics when I am dubbing. I also want to have same options as Korean Kwai app but there's no way I can get it from US.
MyCringyAegyo ! review MyCringyAegyo !
Some filters and dubs are shown as not available 🙁
I cant save my videos.
Ryana Carlina review Ryana Carlina
Good.. Like it
Jenny Aguila review Jenny Aguila
2016 01 28
I try this app
Nesta Nesta Imoedz review Nesta Nesta Imoedz
like it
Shie Lamis review Shie Lamis
Cool zoom
Rifki Maulana review Rifki Maulana
Follow InstaGram rifkimaulana235
Yuan Azman review Yuan Azman
Short & fast
Edi Bustomi review Edi Bustomi
ok bgt
Christene Redecio review Christene Redecio
I'm here because of Running Man. Will try to explore the app. Hope there's no issues while using it. Power!
Jiminie's Suga Kookies review Jiminie's Suga Kookies
I was inspired to download this app because yeri and joy from red velvet has used it. They used it on weekly idol as well, along with the other members. I want to find the track on what track seulgi used for hers. I live here Hong Kong but I want to change it in korean. Please reply as soon as possible!
Rudi Hermawan review Rudi Hermawan
Many friends we got...and we can see they in many expresion
its hanyuuul review its hanyuuul
The app is good but I realise that i dont have some of the dubbing that other people have and it would be better if you added romanization for the kdubbing.