Lie Detector Prank APK

Lie Detector Prank
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Detect lies with simulated lie detector prank.

Key features:
- have fun with fake lie detector.
- scan your finger to get result.
- show truth or lie.
- lie detector background selection from gallery.
- scan your finger and get result.
- easy to use.

More features:
- it is free.

- it is a fake app to make prank and joke.

Lie Detector Prank APK reviews

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Najib Ali review Najib Ali
Najib awesome
This game is super weird. And ?
Ramiian Sims-Hanshew review Ramiian Sims-Hanshew
Love it
I took my niece's like do you love me baby she was like yes it's at then put your finger right here and she put her finger out that it is a lie and then when I put my finger on it I was like I love you and then I put my finger on it and told me I told the truth and she got so scared and she started crying
Natalie Perkin review Natalie Perkin
Lie detector
FUN I did it to my mum I said do you love me she said yes and it said she lied
Deborah Evans review Deborah Evans
Just the screen comes up no questions or writing I put my finger on the icon and nothing happened uninstalled
sheik maraicar review sheik maraicar
Loved it
It was so awesome my mom got shocked
Mena Richardson review Mena Richardson
It's but when I I do love my mom it said lie
Sadia Imran review Sadia Imran
felix lanose review felix lanose
I Love this app
I'm going to catch u
jesse gill review jesse gill
Vivian Casselberry review Vivian Casselberry
This is the best
Cillian Butler review Cillian Butler
I laughed my ass of
I said it was the worst game ever what popped up thruth
Alana Herrera review Alana Herrera
the worst
my boyfriend got pist off and seid were done
Lol I said worst game and said truth
AJ Walters review AJ Walters
This game is so funny you should get It! ?
Nirmala Adhikari review Nirmala Adhikari
World hatest game dont install this