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It was an encounter of destiny.

I was a wandering wolf.
It was until the day when I came across the head of the wolf pack which saved me from
the evil group of other wolves.
The story of how I fought to become the head of the wolf pack starts here.

It is a game that deals with a story of a wandering wolf that enters a wolf pack led by
a head wolf.
All the things that the wolf must do amongst the wolf pack are included as mission tasks.

You will go through a minor test in order to become a part of the wolf pack as well as
learn how to survive/hunt and also learn how to group hunt with fellow wolves.
There will be times when you will have to fight against strong predators on its own but
it will fight with fellow wolves when going against big and strong predators.
If you wish you experience the life of a wolf, then this game might just be what you have
been looking for.

*Eating prey
If you approach a dead animal after succeeding in hunting, you will eat the prey
and your vital force will go up.

*Hunting method
Preys bait warning front. Because you move to prey back, you should attack slowly.

Life Of Wolf 2014 FREE APK reviews

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Violet Stanley review Violet Stanley
Plz stop the ads
Addisyn Y review Addisyn Y
Love it
Omg people, stop putting bad comments, this game is awesome,thank you so much people who liked this game, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Woodruff review Ryan Woodruff
Why is there so meny wolves in the pichure
Melissa cavanagh review Melissa cavanagh
copy of wolf online #Wolf Online is better
Alyssa Hansen review Alyssa Hansen
It was wonderful, but I can't get past the last fight.
Michael Romano review Michael Romano
Good but one question....
Is it multiplayer or is there single and multiplayer? ?????????????? Please answer!
Jennifer Torres review Jennifer Torres
Its ok
I do not love it its ok
Jaqueline Bonilla review Jaqueline Bonilla
But when is the 2015 gonna come out?
Wolf Starr review Wolf Starr
I love make more
I really love this game but can you give read of the ad's
Ann Whitlow review Ann Whitlow
Love it♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆
My daughter loves this game it always keeps her mind busy♡♡♡♡♡
sara obaid review sara obaid
Jennifer Carter review Jennifer Carter
I love it!
I love this game but I have one small request for a mulitiplayer mode.
Casalynn Morrow review Casalynn Morrow
To help with camera stuck
Great game, btw. To get out of the camera, wait till it is fully o the screen then slide your finger left, right, left, in a long motion.
boss boss review boss boss
Nice game!!
I love the fact that it doesn't just have life story \\ open mission. You should add multiplayer where you can choose the same animals as hunting but play with real people. Also make the boss wolf unlocked after life story instead of buying it. Just suggestions!!! Otherwise great game!! Oh and the best game out of Life of a black tiger, wolf online and life of a wolf 2014 I would say is life of a black tiger. It just has so much to it!!! And I love multiplayer games ?
Samantha Quinlisk review Samantha Quinlisk
All I did was missions nonstop, really annoying