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Nono Islands
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The creators of Touchgrind BMX have a new challenge for you, if you dare... Join the expedition to the Nono Islands on a quest for long lost treasures. But be aware, the islands are far from uninhabited! The treasures are heavily guarded by the Nonos and their army - the spiders, the sharks, the jumping skulls and many others. And if you in some way manage to get past them, the hidden traps will get you for sure. Good luck avoiding the spikes, flying darts, sawblades and boulders. Good luck, that's all we can say. Good. Luck.

This game is free to play but it offers in-app-purchases. You may disable in-app-purchasing using your device’s settings.

Nono Islands APK reviews

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Yves Lauren Marcaida review Yves Lauren Marcaida
Need more optimization. Waste of time
I cannot open the game due to out of memory. But I have 4gb ram. Im now uninstalling. fix the game and i will try it again soon.
Asher Schwartz review Asher Schwartz
Worst game
Wasn't even able to try the game yet because the first time I tried loading the first level, the game crashed. Next I loaded it back up and it said close background apps due to no ram and I restarted my phone about 2 minutes before and only used it to download this game
Nileshkartik Ashokkumar review Nileshkartik Ashokkumar
This game is the worst game I ve ever played .this game crashes a lot and once installed can not be removed I tried uninstalling it but could nt. I wish I could give it zero star
Daisypink Isern review Daisypink Isern
Great Game!
I love the graphics and the fact I can play with 1 hand while holding onto the subway railing with the other! I'm very picky when it comes to games I keep and this would be a keeper!
Natalie Baird review Natalie Baird
This game is great, start to finish. The levels are well thought out, teaching you the dangers as you play. I paid for the full version and I don't regret it. It kept me going a long time.
Fei Tun Liu review Fei Tun Liu
It crashes. Galaxy Note 12.1 tablet. Can't play. It automatically causes my systems to restart. How odd. I play some pretty heavy games here.
William Brewer review William Brewer
Its like wow blew through first levels easy but now paaaaaaaaay up and then you don't get squat back and they take your money.
A Google user review A Google user
Its a really fun game its easy in island 1 but in island2 level 6 was the hardest one so l had to tell my soster to help me bit it becaise she has the game to and she already in island 4 level 4 l think and she past level 6 island 2 for me and now im in island 3 level 1 its really fun you guys should come and get this game its really cool you guys will love it it well be easy at first but then its going to get harder vut l know you guys can do it my big sister did it Bye for now hope you guys can do it bye.
DragRacer #98 review DragRacer #98
Horrible. You have to wait a time limit to get another try if you die. Very ridiculous
Robin Meltzer review Robin Meltzer
Love this game!!! I'm 35 and my daughter's 5 and we both are addicted to playing it. Highly recommend for all ages!
A Google user review A Google user
I just love nonos Island! You`re trying to find the pieces to open the treasure chest & the map but when you play the last level on the Island, you have to find the coin. I've played it every day since I downloaded it. I know it sounds like a bore, but just give it a try!
Tiffany 562411 review Tiffany 562411
I hate tap control. It would be great if it wasn't for that
Manoj kumar Aratikatla review Manoj kumar Aratikatla
Game is Awesome but I really hate this game because the chances is very low i.e., if u die then u will wait for 5 min to 10 min even some times u have to wait for 20 min.I really hate this game.I think the game developers should have to change it
Ramunas Banys review Ramunas Banys
Horrible got to the plane at level one then didn't know where to go next
Miftahul Hasanah review Miftahul Hasanah
Do love this game. The graphic was good, the stage was good, the adventure was so challenging. Many unpredictable things that make this game so awesome. Love it