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Never miss a game with the Pitchero app!

Accompanying over 10,000 club websites across the globe, the Pitchero Club app provides club members with the perfect way to discuss matches before, after and as they happen.

Features include:

- Chat with fellow team members
- See your personal schedule, including fixtures and club events
- Watch match videos recorded using the Pitchero Manager app
- Check out the latest club content, including news, videos and photos
- Set your player availability

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Pitchero Club APK reviews

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James Thompson review James Thompson
Fantastic, efficient app
Steve Labram review Steve Labram
I have the updated version of this but it still will not let me show availability for my sons team
Chris Sumner review Chris Sumner
It would be nice if we could see the leagues.
Alan Ascott review Alan Ascott
It shows comprehensive club information in a user-friendy format although it could be improved by retaining my player and team selections once made from one session to the next.
Adam Henderson review Adam Henderson
A few bugs that have not been fixed over the past few months. Times not showing up consistently. Team selection not sorted correctly (#16 always on bottom)
Can't log player availability means you have to go online - the point of apps is that they should add convenience. This doesn't. (Ps app says latest version installed).
Davy Jackson review Davy Jackson
Great idea poorly executed
jill twigger review jill twigger
Majority of our teams seem to have disappeared since the latest update ?
Nicola Darley review Nicola Darley
Can be difficult to navigate this app
adrian salter review adrian salter
App Problems
The number of notification indicators can never be cleared so it looks like always unread notifications The TIME is messed up on AVAILABILITY screens does not alter to countries time so people are asked to turn up at 2am for 9am game. The Information & preview details not show on app only Match reports. Any www links in reports/msgs do not display as clickable hyperlinks bold not format correctly. Selections msg 'no records' ?error say 'no outstanding selections'
Antony Warnes review Antony Warnes
Worst app ever
Doesn't remember settings and can't get rid of notifications, needs some decent development soon otherwise it's being deleted!!!!
Daniel Dainty review Daniel Dainty
"There was problem processing your request."
Can't even log in, and there's no helpful information on why.
Lewis Wright review Lewis Wright
Not user friendly!
Absolutely awful to use! Waste of time and very frustrating!
Daniel Devitt review Daniel Devitt
It doesn't work... Really frustrating
Awful waste of time
Useless app
It won't work, can't sign in, what's the point

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