Stun gun prank APK

Stun gun prank
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How to use:
- Click the button to activate the stun gun.

Key features:
- Choose stun gun color from gallery.
- Real stun gun sound.
- Simulate stun gun.
- Push to turn stun gun on.
- Electric stun joke.
- Easy to use.

More features:
- Choose your own stun gun color from gallery.
- Funny taser prank.
- It is free.

Stun gun prank APK reviews

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Shamar Pressley review Shamar Pressley
Ston gun prark
It won't work
Regan Forbush review Regan Forbush
Regan do not touch
Snookie Okoye review Snookie Okoye
It was OK kinda boring though
chit areepo review chit areepo
cu hvv
Riley Coleman review Riley Coleman
Sade Thompson review Sade Thompson
I put my phone in the kitchen drawer and then i said hey, to my sister, look what i found and i took it out held it behind my back and then put my phone to her side on made the thing buzz >ω< it was so funny and she got scared too. It was worth it
Lisa Snider review Lisa Snider
Undertake and Rey are the best
I love jingle bells is the best because it has a good sound
Lomart Williams review Lomart Williams
I'm so happy
Aston Giver review Aston Giver
And it's helpful
Jamaya Lee review Jamaya Lee
The sound
Carolina Osorio review Carolina Osorio
Iggy Manzanero review Iggy Manzanero
You should make it vibrate in your hand. Awesome app???????
Justin Capili review Justin Capili
Not much
Sasha N review Sasha N
It's so bad
Sucks Sucks so badly
Lil Jumpman review Lil Jumpman
Is greater my nuts