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SuperLive Plus is a professional mobile phone client software for digital video recorders and IP cameras in CCTV surveillance (compatible models only).
The software is for professional usage and copyright protected.
1.Fixed some bugs.

SuperLive Plus APK reviews

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Sơn Trần review Sơn Trần
More bad than an older version. Can't playback with single channel. Always black and hangs. Rollback to previous version plz.
Christine Supeau review Christine Supeau
The app is not working properly since update. Can't play back recording
Crystal Murray review Crystal Murray
The app hasn't worked properly since last update. Please fix!!!!!
john smith review john smith
Since latest update. Doesnt run. Very frustrating
Erkan Arslan review Erkan Arslan
After update it has been really slow and poor cennection. It was really handy before latest update.
faiz khan review faiz khan
Good apps and working slow
Asher Farzan review Asher Farzan
Please add all channel playback. And fix issue when viewing a single channel then switching to 16 split, the channel that was being viewed becomes channel 1, then the channel order is messed up.
Ryan Shimmel review Ryan Shimmel
After update can't view or connect to system please fix this
Marcia Murray review Marcia Murray
The app worked very well until the last updates about some fish eye views
Tan Kee Yei review Tan Kee Yei
Stopped working on Minix U1, but works fine on Note 8
Frank in Miami
Great App. Very fast response on camera views, nice usability features. Widget would make it 5 stars. On Note 5
Johnny Reyes review Johnny Reyes
Please make it available so that tablet mode can also work. And a widget with camera would be also great.
Michael Posley review Michael Posley
Great App
Great app sometimes a little glitchy but excellent overall
Narinthorn Sadudee review Narinthorn Sadudee
Domain name not works
I can't use URL (domain name) for access DVR only IP address can use it. Please fix this issue ASAP.
Son Tran Ngoc review Son Tran Ngoc
No motion playback
This app will perfect if have a motion playback like Superlive HD

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