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“Touchgrind Skate 2 blossoms into a world of enjoyment [..] Illusion Labs does it again!” - TouchArcade

Just like in real skateboarding or fingerboarding, Touchgrind Skate 2 is a game of skill that takes 10 minutes to understand but a lifetime to master. Learn the tricks, complete challenges, and unlock new skateboard parts.

Get the highest score in time-limited Competition mode, rip freely and complete challenges in Jam Session mode.

True innovative finger controls together with real physics simulation let you pull off tricks like ollies, pop shuvits, kickflips, heelflips, impossibles, powerslides, lip tricks, stalls, drops, 5-0’s, 50-50’s, crooks, tailslides, bluntslides, darkslides etc in endless combinations, or why not do them in nollie, fakie or switch? - Only your skill and imagination set the limit!

Get a maximized experience with a real skateboarding feeling - Skate like in real life on your device!

- Realistic physics and stunning 3D graphics
- 3 free roam game modes: Training, Competition, Jam Session.
- Tutorial videos - watch and try yourself!
- Natural multi-touch controls, evolved from Touchgrind and Touchgrind BMX
- Tilted camera view, similar to Touchgrind BMX
- Three different skateparks with bowls, ramps, curbs, boxes and over 2.000 meters of rails
- Complete the 100 challenges to unlock decks, wheels, grip tapes and stickers
- True skating experience
- Trick name detection

Note: Touchgrind Skate 2 comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase.

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Touchgrind Skate 2 APK reviews

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Alexandru Lucian Bogdan review Alexandru Lucian Bogdan
But the game needs some improvements it's glitchy sometimes and i've completed the challenges on the first map and i want to continue doing stuff without paying could you guys at least unlock 1 map or make some new challenges to earn new gear please,if you do that i give 5 stars
Tristan Brink review Tristan Brink
Maybey make your bmx game a second one and then make a 3 for bmx and skate. BTW gg. Plus the controls are a bit hards to.
Colin Kelley review Colin Kelley
Same as the other touch games it's the best ever!
Same thing
Alisdair Mills review Alisdair Mills
Love it, make a number three of one of these games they are amazing
Suzette Pierre review Suzette Pierre
I've waited a hole year and it's finally on android.The game is awesome when you get used to the control's.and when will you add replay button
Joe Dinh review Joe Dinh
Very hard
Super hard
shay staggs review shay staggs
Well this game sucks
Its only made for a left handed person smh make it so u can ride both ways. In other ways skate from the top of the screen down
Alex Koutoukas review Alex Koutoukas
Awesome game!
Very fun to play. I just wish it had more parks.
Water Malown review Water Malown
Best skateboard game
this game is for pro becuz the control is super hard but its SUPER AWESOME. Good job
Austin Defoe review Austin Defoe
Love it
Not hard to control just takes practice!!!!!! Great addictive time killing game!!
Aron Balk review Aron Balk
Like everyone says.....
To all the devs.. i know its hard to make a game, but it looks like you guys only took a look at the level design, not on the controls.
Griffin Weston review Griffin Weston
Love it, but...
I had this game a couple years ago on my iPod, loved it but I never beat it. I thought about the app the other day and thought "I wonder if they put that on Android yet" and sure enough, you did. I got it, and the next day I beat the game. No complaints there, I had some past experience so I could just jump right into it. However, after beating the game I felt something was missing from the original on iOS. Where are the D.I.Y boards and stickers? Bring back the D.I.Y boards + stickers and I'll give it a 5☆
Asd Biggs review Asd Biggs
Really good and accurate game love it!
Some saying the controls are hard, may be true but only if you aren't a skater. Any skater who can do tricks will find it easy to get the hang of it as you use your fingers actually like skating unlike true skate... Only thing guys, it would be cool if you could do 180s and manuals. Perhaps 180s could be done by doing a pop-shuvit motion for any direction then swiping the way your body would turn. Also if you swipe one way or the other whilst doing a trick that could count as body varial or sex change.
Michael Grella review Michael Grella
Best Skate game for android
This game is awesome, it's like Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but with your fingers. It's easy to navigate and control once you get the hang of it. For those complaining, please, go through the tutorials, they help a bunch. Once you know the basics, you start learning other advanced tricks and combos as you go. But one thing this game needs to work on is more levels, there's only 4 of them. At least double it. And if grab tricks were somehow possible include those as well. Other than that, I'm really impressed.
Michael Knudsen review Michael Knudsen
Awesome game
Took a while to learn controls but its one of the coolest games Ive played. I dont often rate games but had to give you guys 5 stars! I do have a small issue of when I exit the the game it tells mw unfortunately skate 2 has stopped but no big deal