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TrackID™ - Music Recognition
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The TrackID™ music recognition app is the best way to identify the music around you – it can tell you what song you are listening to within seconds. It's easy to use, has a clean new design and is available in more than 60 languages worldwide.

With the TrackID™ song identifier app, you can dive deeper into the music that interests you by exploring artist biographies, watching music videos, seeing who's atop the TrackID™ Charts and more.

Get a sneak peek by listening to a free preview of that ear-catching tune you've discovered. Plus, if you connect TrackID™ to Spotify, you can listen in full to the songs you have identified and add them directly to your Spotify playlist*. You can even download* the songs you've found, or watch their videos on YouTube.

Do you live in an area where your Internet connection is spotty? With offline mode, TrackID™ captures the track and identifies it when you're back online. Never miss out on a track again because your network fails you in that crucial moment!

Get your friends in on the action too. Spark conversations and reminisce about good times by sharing your identified tracks on Facebook or chatting about them with friends in WhatsApp. With TrackID™, it’s easy to share your music as you go.

Great music requires a great-looking app. Our new design brings the experience alive. With TrackID™, discovering music has never looked so good.

- Find a song within seconds with the press of a button.
- Your history is easily accessible on the start page.
- Offline mode helps you capture tracks when you have no network. Resume the search when your Internet connection is restored.
- Listen to a preview of the song so you can be sure it matches what you found.
- Watch music videos on YouTube.
- Listen to the song you recognized in Spotify or add it directly to your Spotify playlist* so you never lose it again.
- Download the song* there and then.

- It's on the tip of your tongue! Find out the track title and the artist's name.
- Jog your memory by viewing the album name and cover art.
- Get the bigger picture with the genre of the track.
- Settle debates by finding out the album’s record label and the year the album was released.
- Learn more with pictures and an in-depth biography of the artist.
- Explore the other popular songs and albums related to the artist.
- Put it into context by viewing the album playlist.

- What have other people searched for? Discover the hottest global hits with TrackID™ Charts from all over the world.
- Love the song you've found? Share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google+ and more.
- Log in with Facebook or Google and have your history backed up and accessible from multiple devices.
- Take advantage of two widgets for fast access from your home screen.

Top recent searches on the music identifying TrackID™ app reveal that the trending and most popular artists of the moment include Jess Glynne, Avicii, Lana Del Ray, and Lost Frequencies Feat. Janieck Devy. Be sure to check out to see more from these musicians as well as other great artists today.

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*Subject to availability in your region

Note: This application uses analytics software to collect and aggregate statistics to help us improve this app and our services. None of this data can be used to identify you.

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TrackID™ - Music Recognition APK reviews

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Valentine G. review Valentine G.
Widget dissappeared
The widget just vanished off the screen. And even worse, i cant place a new one.
Jeffers Family review Jeffers Family
Bad integration, inaccurate database
Really? You're not going to integrate the Google Play Store for the music downloads option? The platform that your using to distribute you're app? Also, it tags a lot of old music as recent. It tagged the YMCA as being released in 2012.
Khaled Doda Ashraf review Khaled Doda Ashraf
Okay then i think this is better when i updated the app the widget came back again and The good thing is music is recognised while connecting my earphones..but the bad thing is the annoying ads please try to block it next time
Russell Ngo review Russell Ngo
I Love SONY c",)(,")
The Best Of Sony For The Best Of Me!!! ???
matt toll review matt toll
update keeps making widget go xperia z3
Lisa M review Lisa M
It only listens to any song of any volume for about 2 seconds and then immediately says it recognizes nothing, get closer to the music, cut out the background noise, etc. I have much better luck with Google recognition frankly. I'll go back to that.
John Maxim review John Maxim
Geometric objects
Kindly remove oversized geometric objects from home page of app. They are unnecessary.
Arnold Kipkemoi review Arnold Kipkemoi
Logging in every now and then is my only issue.
Zahran Zuheer review Zahran Zuheer
Old version
Why am I only geeting an older version of this app?
Marko Gajić review Marko Gajić
IDed something Shazam couldn't.. 'Nuff said..
Herìtõ Laufeia review Herìtõ Laufeia
Widget back
We want the widget back for the home screen
Banderis Pratt review Banderis Pratt
Please make it more great experience on this app
Cannot download? Why
Vikram Sinode review Vikram Sinode
Great Application
Easy to Use and helpful ??
เจษฎา เหล่าสิทธิสุข review เจษฎา เหล่าสิทธิสุข
Before update is very impressive I love it. But new update is very bad. Please fix it.
Nice app ..
I am searching for a similar kind of app but i dont know wat to search but i found this in my Xperia z2 preinstalled... awesome..?☺