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Unblock Car is the most popular sliding block puzzle game in Google Play. The goal of this game is to get a red car out of a six-by-six grid full of automobiles by moving the other vehicles out of its way.

We human clans spend one fourth of our lives ineffectually migrating to undesirable destinations (that is, stuck in traffic jam during rush hour). Make the most of this time with this amazing Unblock Car game. Designed to develop sequential-thinking for impulsive brains, we offered more than 3,000 puzzles for you to clash. However the cars and trucks obstruct the path which makes the puzzle harder.

How to Play:
You need to get the Red Car out the Exit Gate. To accomplish, just move the blocking vehicles out of the way.

Game Features:
- 4 difficulty levels with 3,000 puzzles and more to come
- 4 different visually striking ice board themes
- Hint/Reset/Undo buttons to help you figure out each puzzle
- Keep track of all the puzzles you've cleared
- Quick and easy Tutorial

Unblock Car APK reviews

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Dontez Belmar review Dontez Belmar
Great Game!!
I love this game. It doesn't have a lot lot of apps along with it. Seems to never go down and it fun and mind soothing....
Dennis McCreath review Dennis McCreath
Unblock cars
Very good game gets more challenging the more you win
Matthew Van Westen review Matthew Van Westen
I've played this as a live game a board game that is I really liked it and I like it even better on the phone
Destiny Smidt-Shaff review Destiny Smidt-Shaff
Great game
I love this game, it just doesn't last too long.
Pam Wms review Pam Wms
I love it. Just wish it would reset after all levels are completed
Nyah Fever-Hume review Nyah Fever-Hume
I suppose it's OK but it needs to be a bit easier as the easy level is quite hard!
Sam Hospitality Training Academy review Sam Hospitality Training Academy
Very nice game. Challenges one's critical thinking
A Google User review A Google User
Great game
It does it's supposed to and doesn't bother you with ads too much
Mark Jacunski review Mark Jacunski
Great Game
My daughter and I really like to play this game together.
Peter Pratt review Peter Pratt
Unblock Cars
Very challenging. It keeps you thinking. I love it. It needs 6 stars
Angelo Dallas review Angelo Dallas
Nice BrainTeaser!
Helps you to think ahead and work things out. Id liken it to Chess, one player version.
This game for people who really want some new puzzle and brain teasser.....i loved this game
Renuka Murugesan review Renuka Murugesan
it is quite intrestig and challanging game which helps to stimulate more of our brain . Am loving it
A Google User review A Google User
I like this game but i think it could be a little bit better,thanks xxx
Ignatov Boris review Ignatov Boris
Where is game data saved? I'd like to move it to new device [email protected]