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Weather Forcast
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- Status notification: instantly view current temperature and conditions
- Changing the Home Screen: Changes based on your current location, weather,
and time of day, so you get your current conditions plus the weather info you need most.
- 7 day future forecast showing
- Easily set up and swipe between different locations
- Simple to use widget - Multiple weather locations - Celsius & Fahrenheit
-Accurate sunrise and sunset times
-Display humidity and wind speed, give you better travel advice

You can even add the Weather widget to your home screen and easily customize
its view to show the weather where you are,where you’re going, or where you
dream about going — anywhere on the planet!

A simple and easy-to-use weather app for you! With it, you can get weather information
conveniently. It provides accurate local weather tomorrow information like highest/lowest
temperature and current weather conditions, definitely your best choice in daily life.
Real-time temperature, feels like temperature, current clock/time, weather tomorrow,
weather in 6 day are all in this weather widget based on weather server. It’s a handy
weather guide for you. No matter it is a weather report for weather today, a weather forecast
for weather tomorrow and 5 days after, a weather report for current location, or a weather
forecast for any other cities in worldwide. You do not need to search ‘weather today’
‘local weather tomorrow’ anymore.

Weather Forcast APK reviews

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Weather app
Kayla Lovett
michele Fitzgibbon review michele Fitzgibbon
Just started using application
Patsy'ann prosser review Patsy'ann prosser
Good so far!
Anthony Rojas review Anthony Rojas
Good application perfect
Laurie Skala review Laurie Skala
OK so this seems to be most groovy thus far
Robin Orr review Robin Orr
OK so far
Paul Thomas review Paul Thomas
God, the ads are terrible. Is there an ad free version?
Satish Kumar review Satish Kumar
Worst app with ads ads all d time
Formose Pereira review Formose Pereira
Pathetic appfull of ads
Add 1 week
Moeed Rehman review Moeed Rehman
True app .
krishi raj review krishi raj
Wtf is this?!
All it gives you is temperature. Nothing at all to let you know about rain. This app is not worth it!
Craig Minca review Craig Minca
Didnt work from the start.
Abdul Hadi review Abdul Hadi