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Wild Animals Online(WAO)
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Welcome to the best animal game, Wild Animals Online (WAO)

Wild Animals Online is a survival for the fittest game. It is a world of animals whereby the strongest of all animals survives based on the law of the jungle.

This amazing game permits you to play as 20 different animal types ranging from carnivores to herbivores and to omnivores and to also hunt in several different maps and environment.
Each of the 20 different animals has its exceptional way of hunting. So you can either choose an animal based on your style of play or pick an animal according to your personal interest.

Will you be able to survive from the fight against numerous hostile animals, gigantic monsters, and zombie animals?

[How Wild Animals Online game is played]

Step 1: You choose one from the 25 different animals

Step 2: Boost your character to the strongest animal

Step 3: Contend with other players from all over the world – fighting to survive in the wild.

At times, you would need to work together with other animals and participate in a major battle to hunt gigantic dragons and monsters.
Not that you must survive the competition with other wild animals, and escape from animal hunting zombies that are on your trail. Will you be able to survive from the fight against numerous aggressive animals, gigantic monsters, and zombie animals? Wild Animals Online is a fresh multiplayer game for Android platform, and a fun game to play.

[Features of Wild Animals Online]

1. Various Animal Characters
- From herbivores such as deer, elephants, and giraffes to carnivores including lions, bears, and wolves as well as hippopotamus and boars that are classified as omnivores. You can play more than 25 kinds of various animals on your own.
※ New animals have been added such as penguin, kangaroo, black panther, ostrich and panda

2. Rich maps and different natural environment
- The maps are divided into Sahara, a bleak desert; Siberia, covered by snow and ice; and a savanna (a vast tropical grassland). The natural environments include: Monster Field where huge zombie monsters appear and Dragon Lava where dragons with the properties of fire, ice, and lightning.

3. Sex Choice and Breeding
You can choose the sex of your character and if you achieve love with an animal that has a different sex, you can also have a cute baby animal that can increase your physical strength. But your baby will die if you don’t feed him or her within 24 hours.

4. Diversified Means of Hunting
You can experience diversified battles such as attack, escape, and defense as well as calling the same kind of a power attack, and running to bite off

5. Differentiated Combat/Growth Means
Animals will have different combat and growth means by dividing into food groups and forms of living, depending on the habits and characteristics they have. You must carefully choose the character that suits your preference.

6. Various Missions and Master Menus
You can add more fun to the game through the Trophy Menu where you can make achievements and earn honor points by performing specific missions such as traveling, hunting, and acquiring as well as the Master Menu that enables you to give much more damage when hunting a certain animal.

※ If you delete the game, all the data will be gone and not recovered.

※ Please visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/wildanimalsonline) or YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/hanaGames) channel if you want more information.

Wild Animals Online is a must play a game for all fun lovers!

Wild Animals Online(WAO) APK reviews

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Accalia wolf review Accalia wolf
Things you should add: It would be better if will could pick our babys up
Ryan Rodriguez review Ryan Rodriguez
I can play this game all day
It's Amazing!!! I took a short review and thought it might not work but it was perfect!!! Awesome!!! 10/10 Good work 5 stars!!! (edit)
Samantha Dolph review Samantha Dolph
I loved the game. Good graphics, controlls, everything. The only thing is that we need more animals. Like birds and snakes, squirrel, and with out buying anything. I can't buy anything so it's not fair. And why only three slots? Why are the others support to be bought. The hacker thing is getting out of control too. Can we customize our animals too. And dens. And like squirrels can live in trees, and birds. Can you add more actions, like sit, swim, walk, roll over on back, sleep, playful stance, ect. That would be GREAT and I would keep this game FOREVER! (Ps. Please consider what I said. PLEASE.) (P.S.S, sorry for this review to be so long, it's just I would like to have acsess to others animals) ( sorry)
Cameron Gaming review Cameron Gaming
I absolutely love this game!But please add a way to buy characters for game points
Herobrine Dark side review Herobrine Dark side
it is asome I have been waiting for ever and it is so cool I give to 10 of 10
I give it a 10 out of 10
meowlover cruz review meowlover cruz
This game look like wolf online and dino online but with different animals coool i love it dont hate this app
Lauren Stephens review Lauren Stephens
DOWNLOAD! Okay, its amazing i love totally recommend you download it but i boght some coins and the tiger but i tried to be a fox and use my new coins i got but i still had 20000 coins and then i tried my tiger and i had 50000! Please fix this! 5 out of 5 rating!
Cookie Luv review Cookie Luv
Great in all but you should add an option to backup the game in your icloud or whatever and add a feature that you can like find a den for you and your baby and sleep at night the game is amazing overall, *edit* please do something about the hackers they have unlimited power attack and spam it on people please ban them and i will give 5 stars
GAMING StarDust review GAMING StarDust
Best game ever!!!!! Everyone get this game!!! Ok I love all ur games btw I have one suggestion We should have a den and night and day plz and could u make a birds online plz it would be the best plz and thank u
La K. review La K.
Why do you have to pay to get other animals and the other stuff? I kinda like it but it would be better if you don't have to pay the other stuff. If you do this five stars
Sylvester Smith review Sylvester Smith
It wasn't letting me create my character please fix than ill rate 5 stars
Amy Idleman review Amy Idleman
Plz can you put in some bots in A.i in slither.io not players and plz plz plz plz plz put in a panda cost free and lots of un buyudle animals like 1.panda.2.snake.3.flamingo.4.Lnx.5ant eater and add in ant mounts for a incect eaters and add in a bager plzzzzzzzzz and and more wild animals not to buy cause you 1games just what money and plz stop this hacking thing make it like no hackers aloud or you are kicked out unaboul to get in or hack in plz other wise awesome need more online games !!!!! Plz!!!!!
Jade Moon review Jade Moon
It would be better if it was easier to level up, and for the foxes to be a ble to pick up animals a little bigger than them like wolves and hyenas and deer. Also what would make it more fun is for us to control or play as the pup and the parent follows. And also with the sacrifice things with the Griffin make it like do something cooler like we can ride it and it takes us to some random place on the map by dropping us, that's just my idea though. But mainly make it easy to level up. Then I will rate 5 stars.