Zipper Lock Screen Jeans APK

Zipper Lock Screen Jeans
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key features:
- super cute!
- graphics is as like real jeans zipper.
- smooth zipper movement.
- turn on zipper or turn off.
- zipper can appear when screen lock with password.
- when incoming call no zipper appear.
- zipper lock screen work after restart.

- it is free.

more features:
- zipper lock screen for free.
- cool way to unlock your device.
- cool zipper to play with.
- jeans lock.
- graphics of jeans lock.

Zipper Lock Screen Jeans APK reviews

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Baatseba Khumalo review Baatseba Khumalo
For those who like to snoop on others matters good luck,I'll find u struggling.
Michał Zdulski review Michał Zdulski
lagging on s4
So much lagging Idk why
Margaret Gibson review Margaret Gibson
Love it
mohammed seidu review mohammed seidu
First time using
Keagan Henderson review Keagan Henderson
It was a good app
Meron Besrat review Meron Besrat
Zipper Lock Screen Jeans
Doesn't work at all
Alianna Villanueva review Alianna Villanueva
I don't get it won't work
Krista Leftridge review Krista Leftridge
Doesn't work
I don't understand how it's supposed to work
Ld M review Ld M
Its an fake i hate this app
Lillie Hume review Lillie Hume
Dusent work
Beezer Weezer review Beezer Weezer
Cool beans

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