Zipper Lock Screen Tiger APK

Zipper Lock Screen Tiger
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Lock your screen with high quality image of tiger.

Key features:
- tiger zipper lock screen makes your home screen more attractive.
- when the screen is locked with password - tiger zipper can appear.
- enjoy the wonder image of tiger zipper.
- many tiger zippers to choose.
- you can enable and disable the zipper tiger.
- when incoming call - tiger zipper will not appear.

More features:
- enjoy zipper tiger lock screen.
- cool leather zipper to play with.
- after you restart the device the zipper will also work.
- it is free.

Zipper Lock Screen Tiger APK reviews

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Hasan Naem review Hasan Naem
Wow but it always stopped
sherry francois review sherry francois
I love this
Barbora Stollova review Barbora Stollova
Penelope P review Penelope P
It's cool
I like it
Gary Grigg review Gary Grigg
Cool alternative
Xavier Wolf review Xavier Wolf
Good but lagy and slow
It don't replace your current lock but that actully makes it safe so people can't steal your phone.
Patricia Butler review Patricia Butler
Its fun for a change. I got tired swipping my phones screen. Now its easier to open my phone & I get a kick opening it.
Swisscheese13 Wyles review Swisscheese13 Wyles
It won't load it keeps on saying it won't load or app did not load or something like that it suck's any one on there phones about to get this app don't it does not work I promise
Vinem 368 review Vinem 368
E cel mai bun pentru mine pentru ca eu nu vreau can sora mea sa mi umble pe telefon si ea nu stir cum we deblocheaza!!!
E frumos
Richard Styborski review Richard Styborski
It won't work there is a stuped erorr ugh I just waisted my time
Kayleigh Herrmann review Kayleigh Herrmann
The worst
It's just annoying and slow
Emily Bryant review Emily Bryant
Cute and cool
OK one thing its cool I just have to unzip because u know it has a zipper for u to unlock it which is kinda cool?
Elisa Mackey review Elisa Mackey
This app does work sometimes, but it comes up after I unlock my screen, and disappears before I use it. It's probably good for some people, but it doesn't seem to be compatible with my phone.
Leah Robinson review Leah Robinson
The best lock screen
This actually works try it and you will like it
Katelin Niehaus review Katelin Niehaus
I love it
It is cool and cute