Zipper Lock Screen Yellow APK

Zipper Lock Screen Yellow
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Lock your screen with yellow cute zipper.
It is cute way to improve your phone or tablet.

Key features:
- Lovely and awesome!
- Cute yellow zipper lock screen.
- Smooth zipper movement.
- Turn on zipper or turn off.
- Zipper can appear when screen lock with password.
- When incoming call no zipper appear.
- Zipper lock screen work also after device restart.

More features:
- Cool zipper to play with.
- Cute way to unlock your device.
- Free.

Zipper Lock Screen Yellow APK reviews

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Azan Keyani review Azan Keyani
This app is so cool at first I didn't know how to work but all you do is press that button and it turns on so wen you go on ur phone it apears great ap keep up the good work
Allan Seitz review Allan Seitz
My mom was like wow and I am looking at her like what? And then I realized it's cool
Kalha Stenvil review Kalha Stenvil
Now I can trick my siblings thanks
Cameran Williams review Cameran Williams
Good app
It is so good I love it and I'm sure you will to
Kanishka Chomwal review Kanishka Chomwal
Cool this is so sweet
Ponam Anand review Ponam Anand
Zipper lock screen yellow
It is very very very good
Freedom Fighter review Freedom Fighter
Smooth my sweet behind. Laggy as hell. And cannot unzip it unless you swipe quick . Stops moving when reaches bottom of screen. First thing i saw when i unzipped it was ads.. Uninstalled for inconvenience
Harmony Morris review Harmony Morris
Half half
It's not much
Ingrid Santillan review Ingrid Santillan
I don't know how to put it in the front of my tablet
leo masayes review leo masayes
how to unlock other gallery?
sjan foce review sjan foce
It doesn't lock onto your screen,
Caira Pignataro review Caira Pignataro
Can't get it in front of My tablet
I can't get it in front of My tablet ??????????????????
nick dalton review nick dalton
This app is so amazing now I don't even have to remember a password
Shannon Patel review Shannon Patel
Minion lock wallpaper
I love minions
Jamyiah Gooden review Jamyiah Gooden
Love it